Why Buy Venture?

Venture was the first Australian company to offer the local market a small 5th wheeler that could be towed by a standard Aussie ute like the Ford Falcon. Our products were very different and challenged the traditional caravan versus motorhome debate.
Today, we continue to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the market.

A unique design philosophy

Our designs evolve from five core principles:

  • Available tow vehicles
  • Suitability for local conditions
  • Superb quality
  • Remarkable value
  • Continuous innovation

Our designs begin with specific tow vehicles in mind, and consideration for our unique Australian conditions. We then design the 5th wheeler to suit, and ensure it is built to the highest quality. We achieve remarkable value for our customers through efficient production and purchasing, and continually develop and innovate our product range.

As simple as the above may sound, it’s very different to many other 5th wheelers in the market.

If you’re researching 5th wheelers you’re going to discover (or already have discovered) that the market seems to be filled by imported units from North America . Most of these importers/dealers buy existing 5th wheelers and convert them in Australia , or have them built with mirrored floorplans to suit driving on the opposite side of the road. Unfortunately, the 5th wheelers are still designed for American utes and American roads which are substantially different from our local conditions. (Various issue are faced by unsuspecting customers – excess widths and weights, uncompliant gas and electrical systems, vinyl roofs, unsuitable suspension, esoteric fittings with no local spare parts, mismatched for local tow vehicles)

Venture fifth wheelers are designed from the ground up for Australian conditions. Wheels, suspension, chassis and structure are all 100% matched to our roads and environment (with local parts readily available), ensuring your peace of mind while travelling. The fit and finish of all parts of our 5th wheelers are of the highest quality. When you step inside, you immediately feel the attention to detail in all areas of construction.

Small 5th wheelers are our specialty

Venture specialises in compact 5th wheelers that can easily be towed by most Aussie utes.
We don’t build bigger units because they require a much larger tow vehicle for comfortable touring (i.e. not on the maximum limits of the tow vehicle). In Australia, the only options for bigger tow vehicles are either light trucks (which can be uncomfortable), or one-off imported American pick-ups (which don’t have the service network of locally supplied vehicles).
Venture fifth wheelers are designed to be easily accommodated in any normal caravan park. They are not too big to fit onto site, and therefore you get your choice of where you want to stay! Many other fifth wheelers are simply too big to fit onto caravan park sites, and either have to stay some distance away from the normal park sites, or are turned away altogether.

Ventures tow better than other 5th wheelers

Not all 5th wheelers tow as well as each other. It is vitally important that the coupling is located directly over, or just in front of the tow vehicle’s rear axle – as this is where you will get optimum towing performance:

  • Maximum safety
  • Confident handling
  • Appropriate weight distribution

If the coupling is located behind the rear axle, you get caravan like towing performance, and you may as well be towing a caravan.
Traditionally, the problem with dual cab utes was the clearance between the back of the cab, and the front of the 5th wheeler. If you installed the hitch over the rear axle, anything other than a very wide turn would bring the 5th wheeler in contact with the ute. Therefore, most dual cab utes end up with hitch installed behind the rear axle, severely reducing towing performance.
Venture has integrated a specially designed chassis that overcomes all of these problems. Our chassis allows the hitch to be installed directly above the rear axle in dual cab utes, while still allowing normal maneuverability. This gives you optimum towing performance and none of the hassles trying to adjust the hitch position for tight turns.

The value of a Venture

As with any piece of machinery, things can go wrong with your 5th wheeler which require attention. In such times, you can rely on Venture to get the issue resolved quickly, so you can continue your travels with the minimum of interruption.
All of the equipment fitted in your Venture fifth wheeler is serviced by Australian suppliers and are warranted for use in Australia. Most parts are commonly available from caravan supply stores and repairers ensuring you don’t need to wait on specialised parts to be imported which can seriously interrupt your travel plans. Many American 5th wheelers use American appliances with no Australian warranty, and in many cases replacement parts are simply not available locally.
If you’re looking for value from your RV investment, you can’t go past a Venture.

The smart decision

So, if you are looking for an RV that lets you fulfil your dreams of travelling Australia, without the hassles of a big caravan, the limitations of a single-vehicle motorhome, or the big tow vehicles required for huge American 5th wheelers, you’ve found it.
You deserve the RV of your dreams. We make it a dream to tow.