Is a special licence needed?

The combination of tow vehicle, hitch and fifth wheeler represents a small semi-trailer outfit with all the attendant advantages that this style of towing offers. Because the unit is in effect a small semi-trailer some people have suggested that you need a special licence to drive the unit. This is not so and you can rest assured that an ordinary C class licence is all you need. A C class licence permits you to drive a motor vehicle up to 4.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) plus a trailer of not more than 9.0 tonnes GVM. Under these weight limits the method by which the trailer is attached to the vehicle (assuming an approved coupling is used) has no bearing on the type of licence needed. In the case of our Model 630 fifth wheeler the maximum vehicle weight when fully loaded is 2500 kg so its weight is well within the limits allowed with a C class licence. The current licence regulations are unified so they apply in all states of the Commonwealth.