The fifth wheel hitch system used by Venture Fifth Wheelers is renowned for its ease of use. It is a mini version of the 5th wheel hitch system used by all semi trailers. Instead of the usual tow bar and ball arrangement used for conventional vans, the hitch uses a small turn table, which engages with a pin on the fifth wheeler. It is amazingly easy to couple and uncouple as the hitch is visible from the driver’s seat – simply reverse the vehicle up to the pin of the fifth wheeler, and the hitch automatically locks in place! The entire process takes just seconds, only requires one person, and there’s no heavy weights involved at all!

Having the hitch positioned so that the centre of the kingpin (the pin attached to the fifth wheeler) is either directly above, or up to 50 mm in front of the centre of the rear wheels is the recommended position. In this position a small amount of the weight of the fifth wheeler will be transferred to the front wheels of the towing vehicle which is a very desirable situation.

The hitch assembly slides into rails bolted to the frame or chassis of the tow vehicle, and is no more difficult to fit than a good quality tow bar. The hitch can be removed in two manageable pieces giving you the full use of your ute tray while not towing. Removing the hitch takes just minutes and there’s no tools required. The space around the hitch can be used for storage even when the fifth wheeler is connected.

Although, dual cabs have less space between the rear axle and the back of the cab of the ute than a single cab, there is still adequate clearance to perform most manoeuvres with the hitch installed over the rear axle.

We organise the fitment of the hitch to your vehicle, along with electric brakes, as part of your fifth wheeler purchase.

All hitches fitted and sold by Venture Fifth Wheelers are fully compliant with ADR 62/01 (Australian Design Rules – Mechanical connections between vehicles). This means your 5th wheel setup is fully legal all throughout Australia.

Hitches supplied by Venture don’t require the turntable to be greased. We use a synthetic wear disc attached to the pin box of the fifth wheeler which provides the lubrication between the hitch and the 5th wheeler. This leaves you with a very clean turntable which doesn’t attract dirt and is easily manageable.

The pin on the 5th wheeler is a standard SAE 2-inch pin.